MASH 24ft family cruiser CNC plywood kit

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MASH kit is available!

All the sheets are CNC cut, with part numbers printed on them.  This version of the kit is for the Stitch and Glue version of MASH, which means the hull skin is included in the above. You will notice the large number of sheets in the kit:  This is because both the deck, roof and hull bottom are cold molded, which almost doubles the number of sheets of 6mm and 12mm Marine Ply. There is also 10 sheets of birch which are for temporary frames and fixtures.  The construction time-saving from a few extra sheets is significant and will make the process quite enjoyable.  Included as well is birch plywood camber fixtures to make deck beam and transom lamination a breeze.


  • 14 sheets of 6mm Meranti Hydrotek BS1088 Marine Plywood
  • 18 sheets of 9mm Meranti Hydrotek BS1088 Marine Plywood
  • 20 sheets of 12mm Meranti Hydrotek BS1088 Marine Plywood
  • 5 sheets of 18mm Meranti Hydrotek BS1088 Marine Plywood
  • 10 sheets of 1/2″ Cabinet Grade Birch plywood (temp structure)
  • Paper Plan Set (excluding Full Size Templates)

Parts will be left in the plywood sheets with tabs to protect them during transport.  Kit ships via LTL and can be picked up at your local terminal, contact us for details.  Lead time will vary depending on our work load but count on a minimum of 3 weeks from time of order.

The hull is built upside down on a strong back.  All bulkheads and temporary stations are cut with the kit but you will need to make a base out of standard white wood available from any big box store.  You will need:

  • 2″x6″x12′: 4x
  • 2″x6″x69″: 7x
  • 2″x6″x72″: 6x
  • 2″x4″x55″: 10x
  • 2″x4″x51″: 6x
  • 2″x4″x48″: 8x


To help you during construction, explore the MASH Construction  gallery, were you can find pictures that builders share with us.  There is a lot of valuable information on there.



Full-size templates






For more details and pictures, samples of the plan drawings and more, see the full specs of this design FULL SPECS

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 3 in
Sailing Option

Non-Sailing, Sailing

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