F1430 Fishing Kayak Strip-plank Wood Parts Kit

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This kit is specifically designed for the builders of the F1430 Sit On Top Kayak STRIP PLANK.

The F1430 strip plank version is a hybrid strip-plank hull with okoume plywood internals and deck.  There are 2 version that we offer: One has exclusively the mdf temporary stations required to strip the hull, and the other includes the CNC cut Okoume 4mm plywood for the deck and internals.  Both versions of this kit include the paper plans required to completed the boat, as well as the assembly manual.

These kit do not, however, include the actual 4″x4″x144″ [100x100x3660mm] strong back, as this would be prohibitive to ship.  That piece is easy enough to laminate from straight lumber.


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MDF Stations & 4mm Okoume, MDF Stations Only

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